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Under $50


Who doesn’t walk into a jewelry store and sometimes think, wow…how much is this going to cost?   We do have fine jewelry, but we have made our reputation as fair, affordable, and very democratic. That’s why the store has been there (and us) for decades! We want everyone to be able to find something at Heirlooms, and you can—most of the pieces in our shop are under $50. Earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces from Dancing Winds, Takobia, Adajio, Wide Mouth Frog, Morningflower, Liz Palacios, Mariana, Marvin Sandler and many others in sterling silver, pewter, rhodium and gold plated, and other costume pieces which are really well-made and won’t sock your budget. This has to be one of our central themes, too, many hundreds of you come back year after year looking for these pieces. We’ll always have them and always be affordable for you!   Items shown are representative of what we have in the store. Please get in touch for more information!


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