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Roman Glass Jewelry

from Israel 

2000 years ago the highly advanced civilization known as the Roman Empire occupied a great swath of Europe and the Middle East. One of the centers of Roman influence was the modern day country of Israel, and one of the Romans’ great contributions to science and culture was their technology for blowing glass into beautiful and functional tableware and dinnerware. The silicon available in the various sands and soils provided the raw materials that, combined with heat, enabled the production of gorgeous blue and green hued glassware. Remnants of these objects are excavated 20 centuries later from various locations in Israel and carefully assembled into what is arguably the finest collection of Roman Glass jewelry available today.

Always known for their superb work in diamonds, the Israeli craftsmen and women who design and create this magnificent collection are equally known for their world class sterling silver work as well. Each piece is stamped as .925 sterling silver, yet is unique, as every piece of glass, like a snowflake, is different. Some are clear with a lovely green or blue tinge, while others are multi-colored with a rainbow of tints which accumulate as a “patina” over the generations of contact with the soil. Affordably priced from under $50, these pieces have proven to be enormously popular in our shop. Please email or call us with any questions or if you would like to order. We can offer discounts for multiple piece orders. The items we feature here are representative of what we strive to keep in stock though we have many more to choose from that are not shown here.



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