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Amber Jewelry from Poland


Known throughout the Northeast for our fabulous amber collection, Heirlooms is proud to feature Polish designed and crafted pieces from the world’s great amber reserves along the Baltic Sea. Exquisite green, brown, yellow, cherry, and butterscotch colors are blended into some of the world’s most creative sterling silver settings and designs.   Amber is 40 to 60 million year old fossilized pine resin and is unique in that it is not a gemstone at all. It is perhaps the first known substance used in the making of jewelry in the history of humankind, with pieces dating back at least 3500 years having been found. According to Wikipedia, amber may even have been in use for decorative items as early as 13,000 years ago. Did you know that amber is also considered a healing substance possessing medicinal qualities by many cultures?

No two pieces of amber are the same, and often colors and inclusions have variations from piece to piece. We deal with only the most reputable suppliers who maintain an active membership in the International Amber Association. The Polish silver workers are amongst the best at their trade in the world. The settings on many of these pieces are fantastic! The pieces we have online are representative of our current stock, although we will have some and not others. This site is not “live” where every piece is updated, and keep in mind that many more not seen here are available in the shop in Stockbridge. Call or email us, we’ll be happy to send you some photos of what we have in stock!


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